London Rope Access Specialist Contractor


Our team relies on rope access techniques and provides mainly in the London area, a complete range of top quality services.


A clean and spotless building is probably the most reliable business card.

Building Repairs & Maintenance

Regardless of the problem could occur with the exterior of a building.


We have remarkable results in painting and decorating residential and commercial building.

We are Fast

London Professional Abseiling use only certifies Rope Access Techniques witch allows our team, the ability…

We are versatile

London Professional Abseiling is using complex rope systems and therefore, we are able to access any…

We are Cost Effective

Utilizing less manpower, scaffolding, heavy machinery and time,  allows us to offer our Customers, services…


We have a minimal environmental impact

Our specialized ropes, techniques, and equipment allow finishing our job with the most minimal environmental impacts….

We are fully insured

 We are fully insured and we carry £5 million Workers Compensation and £5 million Public Liability insurance…

London Professional Abseiling

We are here to meet your high standard of rope access requirements. We are flexible to adapt to any requirement. Each execution has different situations and procedures that are evaluated in a distinct and personalized way.

You can rely on our experienced teams of experts, anywhere in London, because we will always assure you the most specialised solutions to achieve greater speed, simplicity and efficiency in your business.

For London Professional Abseiling, regardless of size, every project is special!


Our vision aims to offer: safe, reliable and cost effective services.

Our customers are assured that they will always receive the highest quality in service.

Client Testimonials

“They made a good impression right from the first moment. I’ve filled up the online form and just in few minutes I’ve recieved a phone call from a very polite member of their team. We’ve brifely discussed some aspects on what we wanted to do and even in the same day I’ve recieved a very good quotation. Until the end of the week we’ve had our building clean! When will be necesary, I’ll definately ask them for a second visit!”

Elisabeth Parker

“Without to be an expert I’ve noticed that some bricks from the North wall of our building were on the point to fall down. After a quick search I’ve started discussion contact with a friendly consultant from London Professional Abseiling, who had visit us the second day ! The solution proposed was eficient and definately afordable.”

James McDougal

“I can sincerely say that working with London Professional Abseling was a very pleasant experience. Not because our windows are now spotless and they have finally discovered and fixed the leaks from the sixth floor, but because their professional attitude, for what I am strongly recommend them!”

Brett Sinclair