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Rope access | Abseil Brickwork CLEANING SERVICES

Abseiling | Rope Access brickwork cleaning services

Do you have a hard to reach brickwork surface on your building that must be cleaned?

Are you looking for a professional and experienced Rope access | Abseiling brickwork cleaning contractor?

Then look no further.

London Pro Abseiling limited have been providing the safest and very best in both modern and heritage abseiling brick cleaning and rope access brick restoration services for Clients across Greater London Area.

We’ve gained extensive knowledge and experience in how to clean bricks and restore brickwork back to either its original or a desired state.

Our IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) rope access brick cleaning technicians at London Pro Abseiling ltd use only the most delicate non-abrasive brick cleaning techniques available.

Including  eco-friendly Doff steam abseiling cleaning and rope access assisted chemical brick cleaning for cleaning brickwork and effectively removing all types of surface coatings, organic matter and pollution staining from all types of brick substrates while ensuring no damage is ever inflicted to the surrounding pointing or bricks.

Our cleaning and brick restoration services are competitively priced and great value for the money as not only cleaning brickwork restore and enhance the beauty of the building visually but it also adds great value to the property once cleaned.

Rope access | Abseil Doff Brick Cleaning

When performing any type of abseil brickwork cleaning service the surface should always be cleaned as delicate as possible to ensure no damage is caused to any part of the brickwork during the rope access brick cleaning process.

Doff brick cleaning is both gentle and eco-friendly and is the most suited and recommend brick cleaning method for removing organic matter including algae, moss and Lichen along with paint and all types of surface coatings.

The Doff steam-based cleaning system can achieve temperatures of up to 150C at the nozzle end which kills and removes all types of organic matter in just one single pass without the use of high-pressure or chemicals having to be applied to the surface.

During cleaning process our rope access technicians will operate wearing suitable PPE.

Being a steam based brick cleaning method the water flow is extremely minimal, meaning there is no saturation and the cleaned bricks are dry within minutes with magnificent visual results instantly.

Rope access | Abseil Chemically Assisted Brick CleaningAbseiling |Rope Access Chemical assisted brick cleaning

Chemical brick cleaning/acid brickwork cleaning is a service performed by our team at London Pro. Abseiling Ltd. in order to remove heavy soiling and carbon sulphation from old brickwork.

Our highly skilled and experienced rope access cleaning specialists apply specially formulated brick cleaning chemicals/brick cleaning acids to surface, helping break down and corrode the unwanted buildup of carbon sulphation and soiling on the face of the bricks in preparation for removal.

The brick is then delicately cleaned using a very minimal pressure level and the unwanted elements are removed, fully restoring the brick to its natural color while causing absolutely no damage to the brickwork or pointing.

No matter how heavy the build-up of lime scale, dirt or soiling is on your  project brickwork, London Pro Abseiling ltd. can always guarantee a 100% removal.

Our rope access technicians are highly skilled and each have many years of experience in using acid for brick cleaning and how to remove carbon from old brickwork.

All of our brick abseiling cleaning services are preformed professionally with all necessary safety precautions put into place throughout the rope access brick cleaning service. Please note Muriatic, acid brick cleaning or using any other type of acid for abseil brick cleaning should always be carried out by rope access professionals with experience in the field.

Rope access | Abseil exterior paint removal

Removing graffiti from brickwork can be time consuming, costly and challenging to say the least and if the correct brick cleaning methods are not applied, not only is the paint unlikely to be removed effectively but you are more likely to cause unwanted damage to the brickwork beneath.

At London Professional Abseiling ltd. we use only the most delicate yet effective brickwork cleaning methods available when removing paint from brick, including Therma-Tech and Doff superheated steam cleaning which is gentle, non-abrasive and highly recommended by brick cleaning and conservation specialist all over the country.

London Pro Abseiling  professional brick cleaning service not only guarantees to remove all types of exterior masonry paint from all types of brickwork but we also guarantee that no damage will be caused to any of the bricks or surrounding pointing during the rope access brick cleaning process.