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London Pro Abseiling ltd. Your Local Rope Access Specialist

Rope Access and Abseiling for Bird Proofing, Spiking and Netting

If your London home, dwelling or business has a problem because of birds, then now it’s time to take action against these feathery enemies.

PIGEON CONTROL in LondonPigeon Control and Deterrents

London Feral Pigeons are the descendants of Rock Doves, which are found in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Over the years, the Feral Pigeon has adapted to nesting in other places such as narrow ledges found on the sides of buildings, for example.

Here at London Pro Abseiling Ltd., we use rope access bird netting and abseiling bird spikes methods to to achive astonishing bird proofing results.

This enables us to cover a building with bird net and pigeon spikes in London without making it look like a building site.

We abseil to install all weather resistant bird netting in London and stainless steel bird spikes as it erases the associated problems of unwelcomed birds.

Achieving bird proofing in London

Pigeon problems in London can be solved in a number of ways, depending upon the property.

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Acoustic Scaring
  • Visual Scaring
  • Optical Gel

Why choose London Pro Abseiling Ltd. for your bird proofing problems in London and Greater London?

By nature birds are very territorial, choosing to return to the same ledge or location time and time again as they considered this to be their home.

At London Pro. Abseiling Ltd, we have a solid understanding of London’s birds behaviour and alongside bird netting, bird spikes, bird wires, optical gels,we can evict these pesky pests for good.

Often gulls and pigeons in London choose to perch in hard to reach places such as:

  • on roof tops,
  • chimney pots,
  • window sills or even beams, so reaching them can often pose a problem.

But at London Pro. Abseiling, we are well equipped to reach even the most remote places of building in order to install efficient bird spikes, chicken wire and bird netting systems.

We find aswell easy to adapt our IRATA rope access tehniques according to each project to reach:

  • gutters,
  • barns and garages and we can abseil from any height according on your needs.

Using rope access for pigeon spikes or industrial abseiling for bird netting in London to certain areas, can be a cost-effective form of solving a complicated problem.

Our team of local IRATA rope access tehnicians can provide comprehensive services that will rid you of roosting birds.

You may also be interested in taking out a regular bird proofing contract in London with us.

However if birds presence had become an nuisance, just call us on free phone  800  206 2269 to receive a fast quote today.