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Abseiling | Rope Access render cleaning services

Render Cleaning Services in London

Time is merciless with everything. After few years most render will start to show signs of environmental pollution. This can result in unsightly red, black or green stains. When this signs appear it is the moment for render cleaning.

Here at London Pro Abseiling Ltd. we are specialized in difficult access render cleaning using the fast and safe rope access technics.

If you have some problems with some render areas of your building that can’t be clean with traditional method access, then look no further.

Our IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified technicians have extensive experience in render cleaning services on different type of London buildings.

We can abseil clean your render or K Rend using the latest soft washing technique which will remove most of the stains. We will ensure our rope access render cleaning will not damage or discoloration to your property.

By combining industrial abseiling and special application methods of top quality algaecides we always guarantee outstanding results.

We can provide rope access render cleaning to a variety of London projects, including:

  • Rope access | Abseil RENDER CLEANING for blocks of apartments
  • Abseiling | Rope Access render cleaning for Houses and privates Landlords
  • Rope access | Abseil RENDER CLEANING Commercial properties
  • Abseiling | Rope Access render cleaning for Schools

Using rope access, How We Clean Render?

Whether you are using a render like Weber, Parex, Moncouche or K-Rend, you will get algae and mildew staining, as well as a change in colour due to weathering affects and pollution.

The London Pro Abseiling Company uses a low pressure washing method to get rid of accumulation on your rendered walls in a way that is gentle enough to not harm the render.

If you use a high pressure washing system to clean render, it can damage it, but softwashing will not. With abseil softwashing our technicians can fast set up their ropes and reach the most remote spots of your property.  This restores the natural beauty of the render, making it look like it was just painted. In most instances, we are able to return your rendered wall to its original spotless look, even if it has had a pebble and spa dashed finish.

Abseiling Soft Washing

It’s tempting to use a traditional high pressure rope access washing system to get rid of it, as that blasts away the accumulation quickly. If you don’t wash thoroughly enough, though, then the infestation will come back quickly. We use a proven soft wash treatment for abseil render cleaning that is gentle on your building’s render but tough on biological infection.

This rope access render cleaning approach makes your building look fantastic and ensures it can retain its beauty for a long time.

Once render starts to stain, many people think that they need to repaint their entire building, but that’s not necessary. If render is kept clean, then it retains its colour. It’s as simple as that.

 It’s far more cost-effective to have the render cleaned, and in the past, it was only possible to fully clean it using a high pressure washing. Now, with our soft washing services, we can provide rope access render cleaning services and using abseiling high pressure cleaning just for special situations.

This is a gentle rope access cleaning system that uses a pH neutral detergent to get rid of the infestation. It restores the natural finish of the render and allows it to retain its finish for a long time to come.

Once abseil softwashed, a render can keep its look for several years, lasting far longer than previous rope access cleaning and maintenance methods would allow.