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The Advantages of Rope Access Roofing

Roofing is a specialist service that should only be completed by a qualified roofer. This is because you need to know that the roofing services you are paying for will be completed to a professional standard.

Not only that, you need to be certain that anyone completing work on your roof is doing so in a safe way at all times. To ensure both of these things, it is recommended that you use a company that specialises not just in roofing, but in rope access roofing.

What Does Rope Access Mean?

Rope access is where a system of ropes and climbing equipment are used to allow professionals to work at heights. This includes roofing work such as inspections, fitting a new roof or carrying out maintenance and repairs.

The rope access system allows workers to carry out their job safely and with the flexibility to be able to move around the area easily. Roof access technicians are trained to work in this way and can carry out roofing work in locations that can be difficult to access using traditional methods such as scaffolding.

Why Rope Access Roofing is the Best Solution

There are many reasons why rope access is the best solution when it comes to having work completed on the roof of your property. The three main reasons why you should go for rope access roofing are to do with time, cost and impact:

  • Time – the time it takes to set up a rope access system is much shorter than it would take to erect a scaffolding system. This means that the roofing work can start and finish in a much quicker timeframe. Once the work is finished, you don’t need to wait for the scaffolding to be dismantled and so your property will get back to business as usual quickly.
  • Cost – having a scaffolding system built can be quite costly, particularly if you have a large property that is high and requires an extensive amount of scaffolding. The cost of the rope access system will be included in any quote you have for work completed by us and you won’t need to contact or pay an additional company to put up scaffolding. This can significantly reduce the cost of your roofing work.
  • Impact – having scaffolding around your building can impact the functionality of the property. If you have commercial premises this is particularly important as you are likely to want to have minimal impact on visitors to the building. Rope access doesn’t impact the use of the property and so you can continue with business as usual while the work is completed. Rope access also has much less potential for causing damage to your building, including any paintwork.

London Professional Abseiling Can Complete Your Roofing

As a professional abseiling service we are experts in using rope access to carry out all roofing work. Whether you want to save time and money, or the work you need to complete is in a more difficult location to access, contact us today for a quote.

Why You Should Consider Abseil Roof Repairs For Your Building

Having a roof that needs repairs carried out can seem like a massive job. This is especially true if you have a building that is three storeys or higher. Being able to access the roof is difficult enough, but if you also need to carry out DIY once you get up there, you might find that you are putting it off.

Instead of ignoring the issue, you can let us handle any roof repairs that you have. We have a team of experts who can access your roof with ease using abseil techniques and complete repairs to a very high standard.

What are Abseil Roof Repairs?

Abseil roof repairs are a method of carrying out repairs to your roof by using abseiling. It is also sometimes called industrial rope access as the technique uses ropes to allow the roofer to access the roof without the need for scaffolding.

To carry out abseil roof repairs, two roofers are needed. This is for safety and to make sure the that first roofer is secure and nothing goes wrong. For abseiling, the ropes will be fixed to a secure, safe point on the building, with additional anchor points if needed. Our roofers will use the ropes to manoeuvre into a position where they can carry out the repairs.

Advantages of Abseil Roof Repairs

There are many benefits of using abseiling to carry out roof repairs, especially when it is compared to using scaffolding. Abseiling uses the minimum anchor points required for safety and so there is less impact on your building. This also means that there is less chance of damage being caused to your property. Scaffolding can cause damage to the paintwork that you might need to repair after it is removed. This doesn’t happen if you choose to have abseil roof repairs.

Abseil roof repairs are also quicker to complete than having scaffolding put up. If your property has multiple storeys then the time it can take for scaffolding to be put up can drastically increase the timeframe for your roof repairs. This also adds an extra cost to your roof repairs as you will need to pay for the scaffolding company as well as your roofer.

With abseil roof repairs, the preparation is much quicker and our roofers can get started on your repairs instantly. When it comes to cost, it’s all included in the quote so you know there are no extra charges

Why You Should Choose London Professional Abseiling for Your Roof Repairs

We are a professional abseiling service that provides expert roofers across London. Every person who works for us has undergone extensive training to ensure they are safe while abseiling as well as being able to complete roof repairs to a very high standard. We enjoy the work we do and are happy to provide one-off repairs, or ongoing work if it is required.

Our experts will be available to answer any questions you have or provide a quote for work. To find out more, get in touch today.

Why You Need Effective Safety Net Solutions for Building Work

If you own a property and need work completed on the building or roof, or you have a construction project that you need to start, then it is important that you also factor in that you will need an appropriate safety net solution. Safety nets are used to ensure any construction work is carried out safely and to reduce risk to the construction workers, the general public and the building.

Costs of Not Using Safety Net Solutions

For anyone who is costing a project, finding ways to save money is part of the process. While there might be some areas where costs can be saved, safety netting is not one of them. Fall arrest netting is used to ensure if there is an accident, any person working at height will have their fall stopped by the netting.

Debris netting is put in place to ensure any debris that may fall during the construction work doesn’t damage people, traffic or other objects that are on the ground. Vertical netting is used to keep any masonry concrete, stone or pebbles that might fall from the building away from people or objects that it could damage.

If these nettings are not used, the cost could be catastrophic. Injury to workers or members of the public could potentially be life-threatening and any damage to objects, vehicles or other property could be financially very costly.

When weighing up the cost of safety netting versus the potential cost of serious injury and damage to property, it makes perfect sense to ensure a professional safety net solution is in place before any construction work starts.

Professional Safety Netting is a Must

Not only does safety netting make any construction, maintenance or repair project safer, but it also means the work will meet the necessary health and safety requirements. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 require projects that include work completed at height to be safe. This includes ensuring that an appropriate safety net solution is in place.

Meeting these requirements involves having a professionally rigged safety net that complies with British and European standards.

How we Install Safety Net Solutions

At London Professional Abseiling we provide a full range of safety netting that includes fall arrest netting, debris netting and vertical netting. As experts in using abseiling and climbing equipment, we are able to professionally rig a safety net solution without the need for erecting scaffolding around your property. This saves time and money, allowing the construction work to begin much faster.

For locations where rope access isn’t suitable, we can use MEWPS (mobile elevating work platforms) so that your project isn’t delayed by getting safety nets in place.

All of our safety netting installers are qualified in FASET, IRATA and Ipaf, comply with standard BS EN1263-2:2002 and have many years of experience in installing all types of safety net solutions. If you need a professional safety net solution get in touch with us today and we can find the right approach for your building.