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Safety Netting 27 April 2023

Common Misconceptions About Construction Safety Netting

If you are in the construction industry, you may use safety netting on some or all of your projects. However, even with people who know the benefits of construction safety netting, there are some common misconceptions that we would like to dispel. Take a look below to find out the truth about construction safety netting.

Safety Netting Only Protects Construction Workers

When it comes to construction safety netting, many people believe that it is only installed to protect workers and that guardrails and harnesses can provide the same support. However, safety netting has also been designed to protect members of the public from falling debris and dropped tools as well as reducing the damage to roads and other buildings from falling items. By installing robust safety netting, you are putting a barrier up that will work hard to keep everyone and everything as safe as possible.

Safety Netting is the Same Wherever You Get It

Shopping around for the best priced construction safety netting makes sense when you are on a budget, but it is important to check the makeup and materials of each netting offer to ensure you get the best solution. Sadly, there are some companies that offer low priced netting that is not as safe or trustworthy and can put your team in danger if you buy it. Take the time to check any potential netting properly to avoid issues in the future.

Safety Netting is Only Needed for High-Rise Construction

You’d be forgiven for believing that construction safety netting is only necessary for high-rise projects but this is just not true. Any type of construction project that has debris, tools and materials being used should consider safety features such as netting. Many people forget that falls, even from low heights, can be life changing and avoid this at all costs is the best way for construction sites to proceed. By using safety netting in all your construction projects, you are able to keep everyone safe and everything damage free!

Safety Netting is Too Expensive to Invest In

Keeping your project on time and on budget are possibly the two most important factors in construction, but this shouldn’t be at the detriment of your team’s safety. Some leaders in the construction industry actively avoid investing in safety netting as they believe it is a cost they can avoid. However, doing this puts your team and the general public at risk as well as making you liable should something happen – investing in safety netting will save you this risk and the cost of legal proceedings in the event of injury or damage.

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