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Give Your Building A New Lease Of Life With Abseiling Painting

Although you may be able to give the interior of your property a new paint job with ease, it becomes a lot more difficult when you need the exterior of a building painted. It can be dangerous to use a long ladder to reach multiple stories, and scaffolding is an expensive option. 

We offer high-quality, qualified, and talented abseil painters to both commercial and residential properties in London and the surrounding areas. We have all of the equipment we need to perform any kind of painting work safely on the exterior of your property and bring it to life with a new colour. Modern exterior paints also form a protective barrier that safeguards your property against adverse weather. 

Take a look at just some of the abseil painting projects we can undertake here at London Pro Abseiling. 

  • Masonry painting – any kind of masonry can be professionally painted by our abseil repair team. Older properties can benefit the most from the protective layer formed by specialise exterior paints, and we will always assess the type of masonry and its suitability for painting before starting any work. 
  • Brickwork painting – bring a property to life with a new colour with first-class abseiling painting. Due to the way we work, we can take care of any brickwork painting task you need on a commercial, domestic or industrial building. You can choose from a variety of colours, and even add in extra chemicals to preserve the brickwork for decades to come. 
  • Window painting – exterior windowsills are notoriously difficult to paint from the inside if you don’t have the proper access. Our team can be right where they need to be on the exterior of the building to perform the abseil painting in a much safer way, leaving a high level of quality each time.
  • Graffiti removal – if you need graffiti removal from a high or difficult place, then we are here to help. We have all of the correct chemicals and equipment to remove any form of graffiti swiftly and safely, leaving your property looking fantastic. Don’t let mischievous youths ruin your building, get in touch with us today and we’ll have it restored in no time at all. 
  • Roof painting – to preserve your roof, we can perform a full wash and clean of your entire roof area before painting it with the colour of your choice. You can even opt for waterproofing styles of paint which adhere to the tiles, are colourless, and leave your roof looking brand new.
  • Metal structure painting – whether it’s gates, railings, exterior metal bannisters or even a bridge, our abseil painters will go the extra mile to ensure that it is looking fresh and clean every time. You can opt for a range of colours, and even choose anticorrosive coatings for metal structures to preserve them.

If you need any kind of abseil painting from our expert team, contact us and we are happy to provide an accurate quotation for the project either over the phone or we can visit your location and complete a proper assessment of the painting project. 


Rope Access and Industrial chimney Repairs London

London Pro Abseiling Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of rope access and industrial abseiling Chimney Repairs Services in Greater London Area!.

Is true that cracked or loose chimney surfaces in London can mean potential danger for everyone.

Not to mention all the huge costs related with other repairs if chimney’s problem affects roof or external walls

London Pro Abseiling Ltd. provides high quality chimney repair solutions for both private and commercial clients.

We provide fast and cost effective chimney repair solutions even for the most hard to reach pitches of your building. 

By using safe rope access / industrial abseiling technics we can complete various chimney repair jobs with minimum disruption.

Here are a few hints to help you spot when your chimney is in need of repairs:

Age and weather damage often causes the pointing of brick and mortar chimneys to erode – and eventually can cause your chimney to collapse.

Visual check your chimney pots. They can come lose, and once they are, it’s easy for them to lean and fall over.

We can:

  • Rope access and industrial  abseiling chimney repair,
  • Rope access and industrial  abseiling chimney re-point,
  • Rope access and industrial  abseiling
  • Rope access and industrial  abseiling fully rebuild chimney
  • Or just Rope access and industrial abseiling paint your chimney as necessary.

We offer a special abseiling / rope access chimney pot replacement or reseating and service for problems like this.

Protect your fireplace from rain damage and birds – ask us to repair a cowl on your chimney pot.

It will keep out the rain and the birds without hindering your chimney’s ability to draw out smoke.

Where your chimney pots are no longer in use, we will cap them to protect your home.

This will stop your house unnecessarily losing heat and help you save on your energy bills.

If you have a roof with difficult access and different chimney problem, don’t worry.

We can do all kinds chimney minor masonry work and brick repairs. Just contact us to find out more.

Is your chimney is in need of repair? Do you need your chimney repointed or a chimney breast removed?

London Pro Abseiling can help you with these and a wide range of other chimney repair related issues.

More rope access/industrial abseiling chimney stacks repairs:

Chimney stacks are complex structures with various elements that can deteriorate through environmental and age related processes.

As well as posing a significant vulnerability to rainwater ingress, larger stacks are extremely heavy and when unstable can present a considerable threat to the building and associated areas below.

 In response to in-house or third-party survey reports, we’re able to undertake rope access/industrial abseiling scopes of work including:

Rope access and industrial abseiling photo/video chimney survey

  • Rope access and industrial abseiling full chimney renovation works
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling full chimney re-building works
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling stack removal
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling partial chimney renovation
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling chimney remedial repairs
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling cowl installation

Our IRATA rope access technicians experience is extensive, from minor repairs to address rainwater ingress to the re-building of unstable stacks condemned by structural surveyors report.

Here at London Pro Abseiling Ltd., on smaller to medium sized scopes of work we’re able to deploy our tried and tested rope access methods to safely access, assess and complete chimney remedial repairs.

 Our rope access working method negates the need for the additional costs of traditional access methods such as scaffold.

Be sure to contact London Pro Abseiling Ltd. for a rope access chimney repair free quote on 0800 206 2269.

Rope Access | Abseiling Brickwork Repair

Rope Access | Abseiling brickwork repointing

London Pro Abseiling Ltd. rope access technicians have decades of experience in rope access high level brickwork repair and pointing projects.

 Brickwork is the most common way to build buildings. Using bricks as a cladding on any pre-casted and unitized newly built buildings, even high rise buildings is still really popular.

 Most of the time the brickwork requires rope access | abseiling maintenance because it’s getting old and worn either exposed the weather conditions because of the faulty guttering or other (e.g. humid air, sunshine, wind… etc.)

The most common brickwork issue that requires rope access | abseiling solutions is when the brickwork is exposed to the weather conditions and the rainwater, what can reach the surface causing a serious damp issue inside the wall, mainly on the internal paint work.

 London Pro Abseiling brickwork repair services completes as well lots of additional:

  • rope access guttering works,
  • abseiling leak detection
  • and rope access | abseiling plant removal on a daily basis

These are the mainly reasons of these brickwork issues.

Rope access high level brickwork and pointing repair project can be carried out only after that the source of the leaking issue is eliminated.

In the situation when the access is difficult and other access solutions are not reasonable or possible, London Pro Abseiling provides professional rope access workforce.

Our rope access technicians use special tools (brick and lump hammers, brick bolsters, dust extractors, mortar rake tools… etc.), in order to complete brickwork and pointing repair projects.

Rope access | Abseiling brickwork repair

We have an extensive experience in Rope access | Abseiling brickwork repair.

Most of the time scaffolding isn’t a practical way of dealing with difficult access projects.

This is the moment when London Pro Abseiling technicians are stepping in.

No matter how inaccessible a brickwork project can seem we use traditional bricklaying technics to deliver outstanding rope access | abseiling brickwork repair services.

Rope access | Abseiling brick replacement

London Pro Abseiling Limited provides professional rope access brickwork repair, abseiling brick replacement and brick pointing repair services in London.

Rope access | Abseiling Brick pointing repair

Our abseiling brick pointing services provides the most comprehensive abseil pointing repair services in London. We can manage any difficulties of any inaccessible brickwork and pointing issue.

Brick pointing and pointing repair via rope access can be challenging, but not for our abseiler team.

Rope access repair of any leaking, old and worn brick pointing on London buildings is our daily routine activity.

Rope access | Abseiling Brickwork restoration

We provide comprehensive brickwork restoration across Greater London Area.

Using completely safe rope access technics we can easily fix holes of the previously used scaffold system repaired inadequately and much more.

Our abseiler team can carry out professional brick restoration and pointing repair project s and clear away all traces of the scaffold system.

For Rope access | Abseiling  brickwork restoration we’re using perfect colour match and high quality materials to spirit away any damage or imperfection of the brickwork and this is one of our specialization.

Rope access | Abseiling Brickwork tinting, brick dye

Brickwork tinting is coming up when the original colour of the bricks or pointing requires refreshment.

It can caused by the time, contamination, some repair what couldn’t reproduce the original color, or just some error of the building process.

London Pro Abseiling limited provides comprehensive rope access brickwork tinting services in Greater London Area.

Rope access | Abseiling Brickwork maintenance

Brickwork and pointing also require maintenance, cleaning and repair sometimes.

This basic property maintenance service is also a part of our general abseiling maintenance division. London Pro Abseiling provides any high level and low level brickwork repair and brickwork maintenance in London, Greater London.

  • Rope access | Abseiling  high pressure steam cleaning,
  • Rope access | Abseiling  sand blasting,
  • Rope access | Abseiling  graffiti removal,
  • Rope access | Abseiling  pointing and brick repair,
  • Rope access | Abseiling  brick replacement and restoration are the main parts of this service,
  • Rope access | Abseiling  helibar reinforcement and stitching of any cracked and damaged brick wall sections is also available.

Rope access | Abseil Atrium Works

Abseiling | Rope Access Atrium services

Atrium Cleaning Services London

London Pro Abseiling limited can access difficult and unreachable areas of your building using IRATA rope access techniques.

Proactive and Reactive Maintenance of atriums is undertaken by London Pro Abseiling, works in these areas are often bespoke. Metal works, glazing, air conditioning ducts, lighting, and roosting birds are all often found in the difficult to reach atriums of buildings.

Rope access cleaning of these areas is often required, therefore, London Pro Abseiling ltd provide the following systems of work:

Vacuuming Systems for abseil Atrium cleaning

We use professional pneumatic vacuum systems to safe and efficiently process most types of recoverable materials including dusts, solids, powders and  sludge,  . Additionally our rope access technicians are trained in the use of shoulder and backpack carried vacuum cleaners.

Reach and Wash for rope access Atrium cleaning

Water fed pole systems provide a safe means to reach and wash high areas. They eliminate the use of ladders and the need for expensive and hazardous equipment. Pressures in excess of 3000psi (200bar) ensure powerful water jets can clean:

  • atriums
  • windows,
  • glass roofs,
  • skylights,
  • Signs, canopies with ease.

We provide access and maintenance of atriums and internal roofs.

Because our access systems rarely require the provision of scaffolding or MEWPs, the set up time is minimal and can be easily removed during business opening hours.  It is possible to carry out works at night to avoid disruption to your own business.

We have a variety of solutions and techniques we can use in order to clean these normally inaccessible areas. Our highly trained IRATA rope access technicians can access the following areas in atrium’s to provide various installation jobs, maintenance or cleaning:

  • high level internal atrium’s
  • high level open front entrances
  • high level internal glazing
  • high level internal glazed balconies

We can also undertake Bird Control at height within the internal atrium’s of buildings; it is not uncommon for birds to find their way indoors and roost in those difficult to reach areas causing pollution and noise in the process.

We have experience of undertaking High Level Electrical Installations at height and employ the relevant qualified rope access technicians for this task. Again electrical installations at height through rope access are an economical and efficient method for installation and maintenance.

The installation of  Holiday and Christmas Decorations and is another option using rope access techniques; often garden centers, commercial buildings and shopping centers, and require this service and we can provide and install across Greater London.

The actual method we use to gain access depends entirely upon your buildings design, but can range from: hydraulic platforms, simple scaffolding towers, and our specialization, rope access. All this methods come with appropriate due care and attention to health and safety considerations, Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

If you would like more information on either of our rope access | abseil atrium cleaning methods or would like to book a visit from one of our London rope access atrium maintenance team, then just give us a call on 0800 206 2269 to arrange an appointment.

Rope access | Abseiling | Painting

Abseiling | Rope Access | Painting

London Pro Abseiling Rope Access Painting Services, provides top quality high level exterior building and window painting in London.  Accomplish painting, using / abseiling / rope access / techniques is the most cost effective and efficient way for any exterior painting, refurbishment or re-decoration.

Rope access building painting and window painting, brickwork tinting or even varnishing is a routine job for our experienced abseiler technicians in London.

We proudly deliver this commercial abseiling painting and rope access maintenance services of:

  • Abseiling interior painting
  • Residential building painting.
  • Rope access building painting repair, re-decoration and refurbishment
  • High rise building painting
  • Abseiling window painting,
  • Rope Access| Abseiling Sash window painting
  • Abseiling Stone, concrete and GRC painting – coloring
  • Rope Access varnishing and wood satin painting

Commercial painting and maintenance London

Our Rope access |abseiling| painting services cover almost all types of commercial and domestic properties: from offices, shops and retail outlets to factories, hotels, bars and restaurants. We carry out high quality abseiling| rope access | painting work, serving a wide range of clients, buildings & premises. Here at London Pro Abseiling, all work carried out by our skilled rope access painters technicians is professionally finished, and on budget.

It is true that our abseiler painter team completes any building and window painting projects via rope access across Greater London area.

Nevertheless, we deliver comprehensive abseiler painting services able to cover all phases of these exterior renovation and refurbishment projects from the exterior or structural preparation and repair to the professional painting. In addition, using safe and efficient rope access techniques, we can restore or repair any cracked or gone rendering, damaged concrete, stone work or brick.

Painting and repairing any window frame, sash window, windowsill, brickwork, window surrounding or rendering and other building related surfaces on any high rise buildings, Georgian or Victorian buildings is a fundamental part of our rope access / abseiling painting services in London.

Abseiling Residential building painting London

London Pro Abseiling rope access residential painting, re-decorating and refurbishment services completes rope access |abseiling| paining projects on a regular basis all over London.

London Pro Abseiling can provide the most cost effective and the comprehensive rope access |abseiling| painting services by our proficient rope access technicians. These external abseil building re-decoration services covers all the possible field situations from sash window painting, window painting, varnishing, general painting, or just a basic touch up.

Now and again, our residential abseiling | rope access | painting service is comprehensive and cost effective.

Each and every time, the customers who chose our services save a lot of time and money with our abseiling |rope access | painting services.

Rope access Building painting repair, refurbishment, re-decoration London

London Pro Abseiling building painting services provides professional painting services with extensive experience in this industry.

The final result is always happy and satisfied customers, a huge amount of saved money and a successful handover on time and on budget.

High rise building painting London

High rise building painting is usually a main part of the major exterior re-decoration and refurbishment a projects. London Pro Abseiling has extensive experience to organize and accomplish these kind of refurbishment projects. Our experienced rope access technicians can repair all defects of any surfaces, such as concrete surfaces, metal structures,  rendered walls, brickwork or wooden.

London Pro Abseiling, provides the most comprehensive abseiling painting and building refurbishment services in London.

Abseiling window painting, sash window painting London

Rope access |abseiling | painting, window painting and sash window painting is one of the most frequent abseiling painting project have a main position in our list of services. Abseiling painting of sash windows is our company’s area of expertise.

Our experienced painter abseilers paint and restore sash windows on a daily basis in London. This type of rope access /abseiling/ window painting is an essential part of our abseiling painting projects in London.

Concrete, stone and GRC painting – coloring London

Stone GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete).  Lightweight and environmentally friendly, the flexibility to form virtually any shape, size and finish, GRC has grown in popularity with many architects, developers and contractors and can be found on many buildings.

Abseiling painting of stone, concrete or GRC features is coming up when the initial surface finish of these materials fade, because of time and elements.

Rope access painting of stone and GRC services, provided by London Pro Abseiling are the most efficient way to deal with difficult to reach project, regardless their size.

Varnishing and wood satin painting services London

Varnishing and wood satin painting and maintenance of any wooden structure and ornamental details of buildings are accomplished by our professional rope access painter technicians as well.

London Pro Abseiling provides rope access varnishing and wood satin painting services on any high rise buildings and inaccessible surfaces.

For our varnishing and wood satin abseiling painting services London we are using only the best materials on the market in order to deliver results that will stand the test of time.