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London Pro Abseiling Ltd: Leaders in Fall Arrest Netting Solutions

Welcome to the world of London Pro Abseiling Ltd, a name synonymous with top-notch safety netting solutions.

Are you looking for reliable and cost-effective fall arrest netting solutions? At London Pro Abseiling Ltd, we are passionate about working at height and are here to meet all your needs.

Why Choose Us?

1. Recognised Industry Expertise: We’re the “go-to” name in the safety netting industry, famed for finding practical and affordable solutions.

2. Highest H&S Standards: Our technicians have extensive experience in working at height and are trained under FASET and IRATA regulations, ensuring quality and the highest health and safety standards.

3. Bespoke Solutions: We offer customised safety netting installation solutions, catering to every industry sector regardless of project size.

4. Compliance with Regulations: Our competently rigged safety net systems help many clients meet the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.


Our services adapt to various applications, making our safety systems suitable for any building façades or ceilings. Our expertise includes:

  • New Build Constructions
  • Refurbishment and Maintenance
  • Steel Framed Buildings, Warehouses, and Production Plants
  • Specialist Installations according to Project Particularities
  • Quality materials and reliable supplies: All our fall arrest safety nets comply with the British and European standard BS EN1263-1:2002.

Our Team: The Backbone of Success

Our competent rigging technicians, trained to the highest level under IRATA and FASET and compliant with the standard BS EN1263-2:2002, have many yearsexperience under their belts. Their expertise ensures the integrity and effectiveness of our safety solutions.

Comprehensive Maintenance

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Thats why we provide comprehensive maintenance during the project with periodic visits to inspect the fall arrest system integrity.


At London Pro Abseiling Ltd, we’ve earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Our passion and commitment to providing the best fall arrest netting solutions make us a leader in the field.

Contact us today at our Camberwell office and allow us to tailor a solution to your specific requirements. Trust in our expertise, and we will guide you in taking the right safety measures that fit your budget without compromising on quality. Safety at height has a new name – London Pro Abseiling Ltd. Let us show you why.

Safety Netting on Construction Sites – Best Practice Ideas for Construction

Working on a construction site can be noisy, busy, and dangerous if you don’t have the right safety gear in place. Sadly, one of the most common accidents on construction sites is falling from a height, meaning that it is imperative that you take all precautions to ensure that your team are as safe as possible.

One of the best ways to avoid falls from heights is to install safety netting as it provides a barrier that will prevent falls, help to reduce the severity of injuries and provide a physical safeguard for both workers and members of the public who are passing the site. To help, we’ve shared some helpful pointers to get the best from safety netting, helping you to create the safest construction site possible.

Start with a Risk Assessment

Before you jump into safety netting installation, you first need to complete a full risk assessment that will help you to understand the site and potential issues. Take time to consider all risks, hazards and the full site layout to consider exactly where the safety netting needs to be installed. Remember, it’s not just the risk of falls that you need to mitigate, but also the risk of falling debris and the height from which things may fall.

Get the Right Installation Experts

Once you have properly assessed your site, you will need to think about how you will go about getting your safety netting installed. Many construction managers look to cut costs by getting their team to install it but this can lead to hazards during the installation process and may also pose a risk to the team should it not be installed properly. At London Professional Abseiling, we provide a full safety netting installation service, using the most up-to-date safety methods for a solution you can trust.

Pick Out the Right Netting for Your Needs

Safety netting comes in a range of sizes, colours and materials depending on what it needs to be used for. When it comes to picking the netting for your construction site, it is important that you take the time to consider durability, fire resistance and strength so that you can be certain that your team will be as safe as possible when they are working at height. It’s also wise to pick out a bright-coloured option so that it can be seen both by the construction team as well as any members of the public that may be moving past the site.

Arrange Repairs and Maintenance

Once your netting is installed, it’s important to ensure that it is adequately maintained throughout the life of the construction work. While safety netting is tough and durable, there is always the risk that it can be damaged. By organising regular maintenance checks, you will be able to confidently achieve the highest level of safety.

Need more advice on safety netting for your construction site? London Professional Abseiling is here to help you. Our team of professionals have the knowledge you need and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your construction site is as safe as possible. Get in touch with us today!

The Main Benefits of Vertical Netting

Vertical netting is a type of netting that is used in many industries, including the construction industry, as a way to protect workers and members of the public. The use of vertical netting is growing as more people become away of the range of benefits it offers. Not sure if vertical netting is right for you? Take a look at the top three benefits here!

Keeping Your Team Safe

One of the best benefits of vertical netting is that it is a simple way to keep members of your team safe and secure, especially when working at heights. Vertical netting is excellent when it comes to reducing the risk of falls and can also help to prevent a wide array of accidents, allowing you to run a safer work site than ever before. Having a safety-aware work site is not just good for stopping slips, trips and falls before they happen, but also helps you to maintain a reputation for being a strong advocate of health and safety laws, enticing more people to want to work for you than ever before.

Reducing Hazards with Ease

Another excellent benefit of using vertical netting is the ability to reduce debris from becoming a hazard to workers and members of the public. If your site team accidentally drop their tools or materials get loose and fall, they pose a very serious risk to anyone they may fall on. By installing vertical netting, any item that falls will drop into the area between the netting and the wall, helping to reduce the risk of accidents from occurring and keeping everyone safer than before.

Highlighting Your Workspace

Our final benefit of installing vertical netting is the ability to highlight your workspace or construction site to anyone that is in the surrounding areas. Vertical netting comes in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes so that you can make as much of a statement as you want! The other great thing about providing vertical netting to highlight your workspace is that your team will be able to see which areas are the most hazardous and then modify the way they work in those areas without needing ongoing reminders.

Remember to Install Your Vertical Netting Safely

Now you are clear on the range of benefits you can enjoy with vertical netting, it is important that you install it carefully so that it adheres to all health and safety requirements. This means thinking about securing it properly, thinking about the areas you want to cover and working with installation experts to ensure that the finished result is ready to use with confidence.

Select the Best Vertical Netting Installers Today

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of vertical netting but don’t want to install it yourself, London Pro Abseiling Ltd is here to help. We are experts when it comes to working at height and have a team of well-qualified and dedicated individuals who will make your site secure. Simply get in touch to arrange a free quote – it’s as simple as that!

Choosing the Right Debris Netting – Key Factors to Consider

Falling debris can be a real issue that causes ongoing health and safety concerns that need to be dealt with in order to keep everyone safe. However, finding a reliable debris solution can be difficult, especially when you are on a budget. Rather than wasting all your money, choosing debris netting is a great decision that will result in the safety you need at a price that impresses you!

Debris netting comes in a wide range of options and we’ve put together this handy guide to help you work out which type will work best for you! Read on to find out more.

Thinking About Material Choices

When it comes to choosing your debris netting, you will need to pick out the best material for your specific needs. Standard debris netting is made from either nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene – each of which are chosen for its durability when they are in use. Picking from these different materials depends on the type of pressure you will be putting them under, the length of time you need them to last and the height at which they will be installed.

Mesh Sizes and Shapes

Once you know the type of debris netting material that you want to use, you will then need to think about the size of the mesh you want to install. Debris netting can be made to fit your specific needs and can even be cut to create a specific shape requirement too. By fitting your debris netting in this way, you can be certain that you will get the safest results possible with every installation you invest in as well as reducing the amount of waste or over purchasing that may occur otherwise.

Recognising Safety Standards

Another vital part of choosing the right safety netting is ensuring that it adheres to any safety regulations that are in place in the UK. For example, you may find that a specific type of material is preferable when it comes to your precise need or you may find that you need to pick a netting that is clearly visible. Whatever the legal implications, you can be certain that there is a wide range of netting options that will meet your specific needs.

Installation Requirements

The final consideration that you will need to think carefully about is how you are going to install your safety netting, especially if your site is at height. Once you’ve purchased the right netting, you will need to find a team that is able to install it, using safety equipment so that everyone is as safe as possible.

Use Us for Your Debris Netting Installation

When you are ready to invest in the best debris netting for your needs, you will also need to find an installation partner that you can trust. London Pro Abseiling Ltd is the perfect choice as our professional team has vast experience in installing debris netting and can work at height without any issues. If you are interested in finding out how we work and what we can do for you then just contact our team to ask any questions you may have and arrange a free quote without any hard sales!

Why Fall Arrest Netting is Important for Construction Safety

Being in charge of a construction site comes with a huge amount of responsibility, especially when it comes to keeping people and items safe and secure. If your construction site requires your team to work at height, then you will feel an even greater sense of responsibility because the ramifications of an accident are even higher. If you want to reduce the amount of stress and pressure you are feeling, take some time to find out more about fall arrest netting and look forward to creating safer construction sites for everyone.

Reducing the Risk of Death and Injury

The best thing about fall arrest netting is that it provides a simple and effective safety system that can stop the risk of death and injury from falls. The netting is installed along the building site, providing a barrier that will hold items and people in, reducing debris and risk to passersby. By installing fall arrest netting, your team will be able to work at speed with confidence, knowing that their safety is a priority to you.

Adhering to Health and Safety Laws

Fall arrest netting also provides you with a simple way to adhere to all health and safety requirements that are set out in UK law. H&S regulations are designed to ensure compliance with all required rules and are designed to keep everyone protected to the highest possible levels. By using fall arrest netting, you will be able to clearly demonstrate your commitment to looking after your teams as well as protecting anyone else that comes to your site or passes by the immediate vicinity of your site.

Increasing Workplace Safety Awareness

When you work with an experienced team it is easy for people to become complacent, especially when it comes to workplace safety. The problem with this is that people are then more likely to cut corners and make mistakes that could result in significant harm coming to them or other people on the building site. By investing in fall arrest netting you are providing a visual safety reminder that will help everyone to be mindful about taking care as they work.

Arrange Your Fall Arrest Netting Today

With so many benefits on offer, it’s clear that fall arrest netting is a vital part of any construction site, especially one that is at height. However, finding a service that can install your fall arrest netting may feel like a chore, as you will need to source a team of professionals who have the skills and experience to work at height and ensure that your netting is installed as safely and securely as possible.

That’s where London Pro Abseiling Ltd comes in! As a team of dedicated professionals, we make it our mission to provide support to companies who need installation at height. We will work with you to understand your needs and then get your netting installed to a timescale that works for your project. If you’d like to find out more or arrange a quote for installation then we’d love to hear from you – get in touch today to get started.

Common Misconceptions About Construction Safety Netting

If you are in the construction industry, you may use safety netting on some or all of your projects. However, even with people who know the benefits of construction safety netting, there are some common misconceptions that we would like to dispel. Take a look below to find out the truth about construction safety netting.

Safety Netting Only Protects Construction Workers

When it comes to construction safety netting, many people believe that it is only installed to protect workers and that guardrails and harnesses can provide the same support. However, safety netting has also been designed to protect members of the public from falling debris and dropped tools as well as reducing the damage to roads and other buildings from falling items. By installing robust safety netting, you are putting a barrier up that will work hard to keep everyone and everything as safe as possible.

Safety Netting is the Same Wherever You Get It

Shopping around for the best priced construction safety netting makes sense when you are on a budget, but it is important to check the makeup and materials of each netting offer to ensure you get the best solution. Sadly, there are some companies that offer low priced netting that is not as safe or trustworthy and can put your team in danger if you buy it. Take the time to check any potential netting properly to avoid issues in the future.

Safety Netting is Only Needed for High-Rise Construction

You’d be forgiven for believing that construction safety netting is only necessary for high-rise projects but this is just not true. Any type of construction project that has debris, tools and materials being used should consider safety features such as netting. Many people forget that falls, even from low heights, can be life changing and avoid this at all costs is the best way for construction sites to proceed. By using safety netting in all your construction projects, you are able to keep everyone safe and everything damage free!

Safety Netting is Too Expensive to Invest In

Keeping your project on time and on budget are possibly the two most important factors in construction, but this shouldn’t be at the detriment of your team’s safety. Some leaders in the construction industry actively avoid investing in safety netting as they believe it is a cost they can avoid. However, doing this puts your team and the general public at risk as well as making you liable should something happen – investing in safety netting will save you this risk and the cost of legal proceedings in the event of injury or damage.

Talk to Safety Netting Experts Today

If you are keen to learn more about construction safety netting and want honest answers to your questions, contact London Pro Abseiling Ltd today. We work with a wide range of construction teams, providing installation and support services. Our team are friendly, professional and knowledgable and we are ready to take your call so pick up the phone and let us help.