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Safety Netting 2 April 2023

How to Maximise Safety with Safety Netting Construction

Safety netting is a common feature on construction sites, with many health and safety experts extolling the benefits and urging companies to use it for all their projects. However, just investing in it isn’t enough, especially if you cut corners on installation or staff understanding. To help, we’ve put together some top tips that will help you maximise safety on safety netting construction sites as well as improve the efficiency of your team – take a look now.

Think About Training

One of the best ways to keep your team safe at work is to educate them on potential risks and procedures. For many individuals, they will see safety netting and trust it but not have a detailed understanding of how it works.

By offering hands-on training and regularly updating your team on safety netting advancements, you will switch them from being passive users of your safety systems to active participants. By doing this you will create a culture of safety that is respected on all your sites.

Identify Risks & Share Them

No system is ever foolproof and many are weakened by human error, so it is vital that you always share the risks of safety netting. Construction sites are dangerous places with lots of safety considerations to follow, so make sure that your safety netting is included on any risk assessments.

By doing this, you can highlight exactly what safety netting can do and what it can’t do, helping everyone on site to stay safe and aware when working near the netting. It’s also important to provide information and signage for any visitors of members of the public that will be near the netting so that they are aware of any potential risks too.

Use Tandem Systems

While using safety netting, construction teams should not believe that they will solve all your safety needs on their own. In fact, using tandem safety systems is more likely to keep everyone safe and secure, making your site the safest place to be and reducing the number of trips, slips and falls that occur.

Think about what the safety netting provides and then work out what it doesn’t so that you can pick out other safety solutions that work with it. Common examples include using safety harnesses, guardrails, and fall arrest systems. By doing this, your team will feel safe and remain secure when working at height.

Use Professional Installation Services

Before you get to work on your site, it is important to install your safety netting in the most secure way so that everyone can depend on it keeping them safe as they work. If your safety netting needs to be installed at height, London Pro Abseiling Ltd is here to help.

As rope access specialists, we are able to reach places that others cannot, helping to install the most secure safety netting systems and checking that they work well before you allow your team to get started. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, get in touch today.

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