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For residentialcommercial and industrial buildings in London we offer a wide range of cleaning services using professional rope access and abseiling techniques.

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Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, our clients rely on us to keep their buildings clean and in excellent condition.

We specialize in offering hassle free rope access cleaning services so you ca keep your home or industrial estate clean and in good condition

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You can contract us for a wide range of rope access cleaning services in London:


Benefits of Rope Access Cleaning in London

The 3 main benefit of professional abseiling in London are:
  1. Affordable no scaffolding
  2. Fast execution time
  3. Quality results


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Rope Access Cleaning is the professional approach for building cleaning in London. It guarantees high quality results and it gives your business a positive perception.

The Professional Abseiling Cleaning services are hassle free and require very little disruption. Because the approach doesn’t require the installation of scaffolding the work is done in very little time.

You can easily schedule cleaning intervals for your facade, window and gutter cleaning before they cause any damages. The regular inspection of your building can be done with ease.

Compared to traditional cleaning methods, rope access cleaning in London is affordable due to its simplicity and fast setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Rope Access Technicians

Our rope access technicians are trained and certified by IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) and are versatile among a wide range of services and techniques of the industry and comply to the IRATA ICOP at all times.

About Documentation & Insurance

Each and every project comes with a comprehensive assessment which is handedto the client along with our work planning. This document addresses all the risks involved and highlights the manner in which the risks will be reduced. 

We are fully insured and we carry £5 million Workers Compensation and £5 million Public Liability insurance…

About Difficult to access areas

We are often requested for difficult to access areas. After our initial FREE evaluation we will make the planning of the work site. In 99% of the cases, using rope access techniques and equipment will get the job done.

There is no need for scaffold or local authority permits and all our equipment is cleared away by the end of the day.

We serve a wide range of clients

We offer our rope access services to a wide range of clients that range from private individualts to Construction Groups, Estate Management, Facility Management , Cleaning, Contractors, Architects, Building Surveyors, Housing Associations , Technical Services, Building and Refurb, Media and Advertising

How long does it take?

We use only certified Rope Access Techniques which allows rope acess technicans to start the work right away. 

Whatever projects you have, we are here to do it quickly, safely and efficiently.

We can  work around the times you require.

How much does it cost?

Rope Access services are the most affordable way to work at height. We aim to reduce as many costs as possible by using abseiling techniques and to make this afforbable for a wide range of clients.

We charge each client based on the complexity of the work and depending on the size of the surface. 

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Insured & Certified

We are fully insured and we poses all necessary certifications. We carry £5 million Workers Compensation and £5 million Public Liability insurance


We are Fast


We are versatile


We are Cost Effective


We have a minimal environmental impact

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Allow London Professional Abseiling Ltd friendly and skillful technicians clean those difficult-to-reach places of your building.

We’ve been doing it for years, so we know just what to do, no matter the height or amount of cleaning that needs to be done.

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