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Abseil Roof Repair For Water-Damaged Properties

The roof is one of the most important parts of any building, protecting it from the elements and stopping any ingress of water from damaging the property. 

As buildings age though, the roof may begin to fail in certain parts, allowing rainwater to seep inside, or snow that builds up to melt inside and damage the internal building structure. 

We take care of all kinds of abseil roof repair in London and the surrounding areas, restoring your property to its former glory and protecting it for years to come. 

With our team of expert abseil roofers, we can take care of any issues your building may be experiencing whether it’s commercial or domestic. Just some of these services include:

Leak inspection – we use a variety of methods to determine the exact cause of the leak. It may be something as small as a couple of loose roof tiles allowing water ingress, or something larger such as exposed rotting wood beams.

Glazing repairs – we can use our abseiling repair skills to take care of any leaks caused by faulty windows. We can replace windows and secure them in place so that no water, rain, or other harsh weather is able to permeate the glazed structure, whether it’s a window, an atrium, or roof light 

Lead flashing – an important part of any roof, especially if you have a chimney, is flashing. We can inspect old roof lead flashing and determine whether or not it needs replacing. If it does, we have the team of abseil roofers bring it back to a waterproof standard for leak prevention. 

Cladding – the exterior of most buildings has some form of cladding, especially if it is a high-rise property or commercial block. Over time, cladding can wear out and crack, allowing water to pool which eventually works its way to the main building structure and can undermine its strength. 

Water ingress – there are multiple ways water can ingress a property, so we use our expert team of abseil repairers in London to inspect every part of the building both externally and internally to determine the cause of the water ingress and put together a plan to resolve it. 

Brickwork and pointing – Any leaks coming from a wall are likely to be due to issues with the brickwork allowing water to enter. Pointing can start to crumble after decades, so repointing it with abseil repair is the most logical option to bring it back to a decent state of repair. 

Damp inspection – Damp can affect any property, caused by a leaking roof, improper exterior cladding or pointing, or even from below the property. It may be that your neighbour’s property has an issue which is affecting your building. Whatever the issue, rest assured we will be able to fix it. 

If you need abseil repair in London, reach out to the team today and we can provide a quotation for any work that needs doing. We can handle any task large or small, and we always aim to provide the most cost-effective solution for your needs.