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Why You Should Consider Abseil Roof Repairs For Your Building

Having a roof that needs repairs carried out can seem like a massive job. This is especially true if you have a building that is three storeys or higher. Being able to access the roof is difficult enough, but if you also need to carry out DIY once you get up there, you might find that you are putting it off.

Instead of ignoring the issue, you can let us handle any roof repairs that you have. We have a team of experts who can access your roof with ease using abseil techniques and complete repairs to a very high standard.

What are Abseil Roof Repairs?

Abseil roof repairs are a method of carrying out repairs to your roof by using abseiling. It is also sometimes called industrial rope access as the technique uses ropes to allow the roofer to access the roof without the need for scaffolding.

To carry out abseil roof repairs, two roofers are needed. This is for safety and to make sure the that first roofer is secure and nothing goes wrong. For abseiling, the ropes will be fixed to a secure, safe point on the building, with additional anchor points if needed. Our roofers will use the ropes to manoeuvre into a position where they can carry out the repairs.

Advantages of Abseil Roof Repairs

There are many benefits of using abseiling to carry out roof repairs, especially when it is compared to using scaffolding. Abseiling uses the minimum anchor points required for safety and so there is less impact on your building. This also means that there is less chance of damage being caused to your property. Scaffolding can cause damage to the paintwork that you might need to repair after it is removed. This doesn’t happen if you choose to have abseil roof repairs.

Abseil roof repairs are also quicker to complete than having scaffolding put up. If your property has multiple storeys then the time it can take for scaffolding to be put up can drastically increase the timeframe for your roof repairs. This also adds an extra cost to your roof repairs as you will need to pay for the scaffolding company as well as your roofer.

With abseil roof repairs, the preparation is much quicker and our roofers can get started on your repairs instantly. When it comes to cost, it’s all included in the quote so you know there are no extra charges

Why You Should Choose London Professional Abseiling for Your Roof Repairs

We are a professional abseiling service that provides expert roofers across London. Every person who works for us has undergone extensive training to ensure they are safe while abseiling as well as being able to complete roof repairs to a very high standard. We enjoy the work we do and are happy to provide one-off repairs, or ongoing work if it is required.

Our experts will be available to answer any questions you have or provide a quote for work. To find out more, get in touch today.