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Rope access | Abseil Bird Dropping Cleaning and Removal London

Abseiling | Rope Access Bird fouling cleaning services London

Abseil pigeon guano clearance in London

London Pro Abseiling rope access technicians are fully trained in Bird Dropping Cleaning, Removal of Bird Waste and Sanitization of the most difficult to reach areas of your building that have been contaminated by bird guano.

Pigeon guano (droppings) are not only very unpleasant, but they are also a risk to human health, the acidity of guano can seriously damage your property.

We provide access for:

  • Rope access | Abseil Bird Dropping cleaning of exterior walls
  • Abseiling | Rope Access Bird fouling cleaning of rooftops
  • Rope access | Abseil guano cleaning of machinery
  • Abseil | Rope Access bird fouling cleaning of fascia
  • Rope access | Abseil Bird Dropping cleaning of ventilations
  • Abseiling | Rope Access bird fouling cleaning of soffits
  • Rope access | Abseil guano cleaning of balconies

In an urban environment considerable damage can be done to buildings when there are bird droppings. The uric acid present in the droppings is highly corrosive to metal and masonry. Moreover, loose masonry caused by these corrosive elements is an obvious hazard to the general public.

Our service features:

  • Abseiling | Rope Access Comprehensive Bird fouling Cleaning and Disinfection of affected areas
  • Rope access Safe removal of bird waste

Bird fouling and nesting debris can also seriously affect a building’s aesthetic appearance. Not only does this present a negative image of your building, and therefore your business, but the bacteria, biting insects and parasites present in bird droppings represent a serious health risk, as well as emitting a very unpleasant smell for your customers.

Our innovative cleaning and disinfection measures, delivered by IRATA trained rope access technicians, ensure that all procedures are performed in a safe and efficient manner to help protect you from the health hazards that these environments can present. Once a building has been heavily infested with birds it can be very costly to remove the fouling and clean the building. This is why bird control measures should be implemented before the problem gets too bad, helping to potentially keep your business costs down.

At London Pro Abseiling ltd. we provide comprehensive, safe and hygienic – Abseil | Rope Access removal of bird droppings, and can recommend and implement preventative control mechanisms, including netting, bird spikes and odorous deterrents.

We provide rope access bird proofing or abseil guano clearance work throughout London and surrounding areas, and our professional team of rope access technicians have extensive experience on all types of buildings, including commercial, domestic and industrial.

Call today on 0800 206 2269  for more information or to arrange for a professional member of our team to inspect your job.