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London Pro Abseiling ltd. Your Local Rope Access Specialist

Rope Access Roofing & Repairs

Rope Accees roof repair services

London Pro Abseiling –  rope access roofing & repair services provides the most sensible solution for all type of roof repair and roof maintenance projects that  requires special access. Our safe and fast approach, can reduce the time and cost radically of these roofing projects using our professional rope access roofing services.

Our prices are unbeatable compared with the traditional MWEPS or scaffold structures as means of access. Our customers save a lot of time, effort and 50-60% of money easily with our special rope access services. London Pro  Abseilers, roofers as well, accomplish any roof repair and leaking detection via IRATA rope access techniques. Leak detection and repair and waterproofing is one of our basic service. Problems with a leaking pitched roof or  flat roof ? Look no further, it can be repaired by our experienced roofer abseilers tehicians via rope access. We are using familiar liquid waterproofing systems to repair leaking or damaged flat roofs. According with the type of the roof we can use Acrypol or bitumen modern solutions. Using our rope access roofing and rope access guttering services we promise the best choice to sort these issues harmlessly.

Rope access Leaking roof repair

Abseiling leaking slate repair

Rope access leaking roof repair is a basic service of London Pro Abseiling roofing services. The scaffolding isn’t a reasonable solution for one day project, so our safe and quick rope access roofing alternative save a lot of money and time for any of our customers. London Pro Abseiling rope access roof repair and roofing services offer a fast response in case of any leaking issue or planned roof maintenance in the most cost effective conditions. Rope access leaking roof repairs is part of our basic roofing services in London, Greater London Area.

Abseing Slated roof repair

Rope access slated roof repair

This roof repair project was added to other rope access painting, building re-decoration services rendered by our company in Fleet Street, London. In order to avoid insurance related problems our client had decide to replace some damaged roof slates as well. London Pro Abseiling rope access roofing services accomplish many leak detection and roof repair yearly in London, Greater London Area.

Rope access GRP /fibreglass/ repair

Abseiling grp roof

Using GRP fibreglass roof system via rope access is probably one of the easiest way to make certain parts or the entire roof waterproof for a long period of time. London Pro  Abseiling use this flexible system each and every time when the conditions of the roof makes it possible. This system application offers the most reasonable costs compared with others. Any hot-work and/or open fire not necessary, so it is easily applicable around upvc, wood and other not heat resistant materials.

Abseiling repair of tiled roof, London

Rope access terracotta roof tile replacement

London Pro Abseiling completes tiled roof repairs on a daily bases throughout London. One of the most common issue for the roofs covered with this type of tiles is cracking. This situation  can become really dangerous, if these tiles are sliding down on stormy weather conditions or strong wind. Our rope access technicians can replace and fix any broken terracotta and concrete roof tiles. We’ve completed lots of abseiling roofing projects above conservatories fragile surfaces or conservatoires.

Abseiling Slated roof repair

London Professional Abseiling roofing services provides top quality and safe solutions to any high level roof repair problems, where using ladder and scaffold access solutions aren’t  possible.

Abseiling Tiled roof repair

If you notice some broken tiles that need to be  replaced or just a regular roof inspection thoroughly, look no further. This high level tiled roof repair project completed via rope access by our experienced abseilers, will save you as a customer, lots of time and money! Using scaffold for these type of small projects isn’t a cost effective solution.

Abseiling Tiled roof repair

PVC roof is a cost effective and common roofing solution in London. This is easy to install and easy to repair, light weight and strong, however, from time to time it requires maintenance and some repairs, when some inaccessible parts of the roof (gutters and outlets) need to be repaired or installed adequately. This can pose a problem to any roofer. All issues or installation errors can be discovered fast and repair easily. Roof repair and maintenance is one of our most frequent service in Greater London Area.

We provide the folowing rope access roofing solutions:

  • Roofing & roof repair services
  • Rope access roofing & repair services
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Liquid roof repair, waterproofing
  • Roof and gutter cleaning, moss removal
  • Slated roof repair
  • Tiled roof repair
  • Flat roof repair
  • Torch-on-felt bitumen roof GRP fibre glass roof

Rope Access and Industrial Abseiling Plumbing Services

London Pro Abseiling Ltd. provides comprehensive rope access plumbing solutions, to match your specific needs (all types of external pipes maintenance, repair and installations).

Abseiling plumbing done by IRATA trained rope access technicians is becoming a common and widely known way now of making alterations for hard to reach cast iron or PVC pipes.

Our solutions cover:

  • Guttering and down pipe system installation / repair
  • Hard access leak inspections
  • Waste pipe system installation / repair
  • Vent pipe, soil pipe  installation / repair
  • Down pipe replacement / repair
  • Water pipes system installation / repair
  • Pipes alteration
  • All pipework repair
  • Maintenance & emergency service

If you have a leaky pipe or some other issue that demands external plumbing services, it is important that you keep us in mind. We can fix water pipes that have become damaged and leaky due to old age as well as fix any pressure loss.

Qualified for the task

London Pro. Abseiling Ltd carry out rope access plumbing services in London with experienced plumbers and IRATA certified rope access technician. Do not make the mistake that anyone can undertake this task. Our plumbing service seeks to fix leaky waste and take on pipes installations.

The external plumbing services we offer cover: drain problems, water leaks, soakways, technless pipe laying, and much more. This type of work should be left to experienced professionals, and we have been in this industry for a very long time. You can trust that our team of professionals knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to external plumbing, and have done many different types of jobs over the years.

For those in the London area we take pride in holding ourselves to the very highest standards when it comes to the external plumbing work we do. All of our work is up to official regulations and code, so you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. It is true, that more time you take to look into our company, the more you’ll see that we have just what you need when it comes to rope access London external plumbing services.

Rope Access and Industrial Abseiling Leak Repair London

How Does London Pro Abseiling Ltd. can help regarding your water ingress problem?

When it comes to commercial water damage in London our rope access  / professional abseiling company can help you in three key ways:

  • Rope access and industrial abseiling leak prevention;
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling detection;
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling and repair;

Rope access and industrial abseiling leak prevention in London

Keep your building leak free. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

If you want to avoid costly damage, rope access and industrial abseiling leak prevention systems are the best option for you.

Rope access &industrial abseiling leak inspections for most of London buildings are like a guardian in leak prevention.

They can help you prevent leaks in a few ways:

  • We look for potential leaks, water ingress,
  • Assess difficult to reach areas of concern where leaks may occur like: side walls flashwork, windows and roofs,
  • Check that around windows you have proper sealing and caulking to prevent water leaking ;
  • Check that flashing is in a good shape and installed correctly to prevent water leak.

If you’re living in London, don’t let leaks and water damage sneak up on you. Make sure to use rope access &abseiling to regularly inspect and maintain your London building, to avoid a costly bill in the future.

If you’re living in London, don’t let leaks and water damage sneak up on you. Make sure to use rope access &abseiling to regularly inspect and maintain your London building, to avoid a costly bill in the future.

Rope access and industrial abseiling leak detection London

If you live in London it’s always best to use rope access and industrial abseiling to detect leaks before they start.

Unfortunately, you sometimes don’t catch a leak until it’s too late. However, you can still use rope access to detect water leaks before they need serious repair.

Our team, at London Pro Abseiling Ltd. are expert leak detectors. Our leak detection rope access/industrial abseiling services can help you:

  • Detect any leaks present;
  • Determine the cause of the leak;
  • Assess any leak damage;

Make sure you have a rope access/professional abseiling expert inspect your London building as soon as you suspect a leak.

If you aren’t sure, give us a call 0800 206 2269 , a rope access inspection can let you know if you need any repair leak work before it becomes a major expense and hassle.

Rope access and industrial abseiling and repair

If you’ve discovered any leaks or water damage, you need repair it now.

Leaks aren’t something you can ignore or put off.

The longer you wait to repair the leak and resulting damage, the more costly it’ll be.

At London Pro. Abseiling Ltd. we’re pros at repairing water damage.

If you suspect any damage, be sure to check with one of our rope access/industrial abseiling techs to see what the problem might be and how it can be checked and solved.

Most of the water leaking issues of London buildings are related with worn out sealing materials like silicone, mastic, gaskets, or even other serious structural.

We provide at the highest quality standards:

  • Rope Access/Industrial Abseiling leak detection and repair in London
  • Rope Access/ Industrial Abseiling Leaking roof repair in London
  • Rope Access/ Industrial Abseiling Leaking gutter system repair in London
  • Rope Access/ Industrial Abseiling Leak inspection, survey and report in London

Contact us for FREE advice at 0800 206 2269

We provide leak detection and leak repair photographic accurate reports!

We’re using non-destructive leak detection!

Our rope access leak repair services are keeping costs at a minimum;


You’re living in London and need help with damp or moisture? Got a leak?

Been asked for insurance reports to support a policy or claim?

London Pro Abseiling Ltd. are at your service. We cover all areas within Greater London.

This includes residential, commercial and industrial clients.

  • Rope Access /Industrial Abseiling Leak Detection East London
  • Rope Access/Industrial Abseiling Leak Detection East Central London
  • Rope Access/Industrial Abseiling Leak Detection West London
  • Rope Access/Industrial Abseiling Leak Detection West Central London
  • Rope Access/Industrial Abseiling Leak Detection South West London
  • Rope Access/Industrial Abseiling Leak Detection North London
  • Rope Access/Industrial Abseiling Leak Detection North West London
  • Rope Access/Industrial Abseiling Leak Detection South East London

Book Regular Inspections

If you’re living in London the best way to protect your building from water leaks and damage is to have it regularly inspected.

Rope access and industrial abseiling technics allows us to get a much closer look at your building, so you can know what’s really going on.

When it comes to leak prevention and repair in London, London Professional Abseiling Ltd. can assess and repair water leaks at a fair price with minimal disruption.

By booking an inspection, you can stop water ingress from further damaging your building – or even stop a leak from starting.

Book your Residential, Commercial and Industrial Inspection

Protect your home, condominium or commercial building with our London expert rope access, industrial abseiling leak detection, prevention, and repair services.

If you’re worried about leaks or you’re notice water stains in your building give London Professional Abseiling Ltd. a call now 0800 206 2269.

Rope Access and Industrial chimney Repairs London

London Pro Abseiling Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of rope access and industrial abseiling Chimney Repairs Services in Greater London Area!.

Is true that cracked or loose chimney surfaces in London can mean potential danger for everyone.

Not to mention all the huge costs related with other repairs if chimney’s problem affects roof or external walls

London Pro Abseiling Ltd. provides high quality chimney repair solutions for both private and commercial clients.

We provide fast and cost effective chimney repair solutions even for the most hard to reach pitches of your building. 

By using safe rope access / industrial abseiling technics we can complete various chimney repair jobs with minimum disruption.

Here are a few hints to help you spot when your chimney is in need of repairs:

Age and weather damage often causes the pointing of brick and mortar chimneys to erode – and eventually can cause your chimney to collapse.

Visual check your chimney pots. They can come lose, and once they are, it’s easy for them to lean and fall over.

We can:

  • Rope access and industrial  abseiling chimney repair,
  • Rope access and industrial  abseiling chimney re-point,
  • Rope access and industrial  abseiling
  • Rope access and industrial  abseiling fully rebuild chimney
  • Or just Rope access and industrial abseiling paint your chimney as necessary.

We offer a special abseiling / rope access chimney pot replacement or reseating and service for problems like this.

Protect your fireplace from rain damage and birds – ask us to repair a cowl on your chimney pot.

It will keep out the rain and the birds without hindering your chimney’s ability to draw out smoke.

Where your chimney pots are no longer in use, we will cap them to protect your home.

This will stop your house unnecessarily losing heat and help you save on your energy bills.

If you have a roof with difficult access and different chimney problem, don’t worry.

We can do all kinds chimney minor masonry work and brick repairs. Just contact us to find out more.

Is your chimney is in need of repair? Do you need your chimney repointed or a chimney breast removed?

London Pro Abseiling can help you with these and a wide range of other chimney repair related issues.

More rope access/industrial abseiling chimney stacks repairs:

Chimney stacks are complex structures with various elements that can deteriorate through environmental and age related processes.

As well as posing a significant vulnerability to rainwater ingress, larger stacks are extremely heavy and when unstable can present a considerable threat to the building and associated areas below.

 In response to in-house or third-party survey reports, we’re able to undertake rope access/industrial abseiling scopes of work including:

Rope access and industrial abseiling photo/video chimney survey

  • Rope access and industrial abseiling full chimney renovation works
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling full chimney re-building works
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling stack removal
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling partial chimney renovation
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling chimney remedial repairs
  • Rope access and industrial abseiling cowl installation

Our IRATA rope access technicians experience is extensive, from minor repairs to address rainwater ingress to the re-building of unstable stacks condemned by structural surveyors report.

Here at London Pro Abseiling Ltd., on smaller to medium sized scopes of work we’re able to deploy our tried and tested rope access methods to safely access, assess and complete chimney remedial repairs.

 Our rope access working method negates the need for the additional costs of traditional access methods such as scaffold.

Be sure to contact London Pro Abseiling Ltd. for a rope access chimney repair free quote on 0800 206 2269.