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Safety Netting 14 April 2023

The Evolution of Safety Nets for Construction Sites – Why They Are Safer Than Ever

Safety netting is a common occurrence on construction sites and on high-rise buildings as it is seen as one of the safest solutions. As with everything in life, the safety netting system has evolved and grown, turning it into what we now use. We’ve shared some interesting information about modern safety netting that shows you exactly why they are safer than ever – read on to find out more.

Safety Nets Use Strong & Durable Materials

As safety netting has become more popular and is used on most construction sites, the demand for it to be made from the best materials has not been ignored. In it’s most original form, safety netting was made from natural fibres that had been knotted together to provide as much strength and safety as possible.

As the use of safety netting evolved, so has the material it is made of. These days, safety netting Is made from nylon, polyester and polypropylene as they provide a safer and more long-term solution. They also offer better strength to weight support, which means that if you fall, you are now more likely to avoid life-changing injuries.

Safety Netting Has Been Enhanced By Technology

In addition to the improvements in materials, technology has also played a significant role in the evolution of safety netting. Technological advancements have helped to create new and safer materials for the construction of safety netting as well as creating specialist coatings that can be applied to the netting including flame retardant solutions that can withstand heat and fire.

Technology has also provided engineers with a simple way of designing and testing netting systems before they are made, ensuring that they will withstand all eventualities without risking the life of construction workers. What’s even more exciting it’s that 3D printing can now be used to create netting systems that are tough and strong, adding even more safety support for construction teams.

Safety Netting Has HSE Regulations

While it doesn’t link to the way safety netting is made, the impact of the Health and Safety Executive regulations mean that construction sites have to take it seriously and both install and use it in a specific way to get the very best results.

The key guidelines and standards that apply to the use of safety netting include BS EN 1253 and SG4:15. The BS EN 1263 is a European standard that provides guidance on procedures that must be followed, including the materials used for netting, labelling and testing the system. SG4:15 is guidance from the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme that states the design, training and inspection process that needs to be followed on construction sites.

With so many safety features and specific guidance available, safety netting has become one of the best features on any construction site. At London Pro Abseiling Ltd, we can help you to install the safety netting you need for the results you want; call us today to discuss.

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