We are still safely, delivering great value rope access services as per Government guidelines, with strict measures in place to keep our staff and customers safe. We are available on the phone or online, please view our latest updates and Covid-19 statement here.

Why us?

Choosing London Professional Abseling as a provider of Rope Access Services, will always assure our Clients that they will enjoy at full potential the most important features of this kind of services.


Every time, our work proposal goes hand in hand with a previous analysis, whose purpose is to optimize operational costs, increase safety by reducing risks and determining work times.

We easily adapt to each one of the requirements, because of its flexibility. Each execution has different situations and procedures that are evaluated in a distinct and personalized way.


We are Fast
London Professional Abseiling uses Rope Access Techniques, which allows our team the ability to gain access to any part of your building, using minimal space, equipment and time. This is the most effective way of keeping job time down, contributing obviously to cost-effectiveness.
We are Cost Effective

Utilizing less manpower, scaffolding, heavy machinery and time,  allows us to offer our Customers services at a lower price, than traditional access methods.

We are fully insured

   We are fully insured and we carry £5 million Workers Compensation and £5 million Public Liability insurance

We are Versatile

London Professional Abseiling is using complex rope systems and therefore, we are able to access any part of your structure in a safe and efficient manner. Among others, Rope Access can be applied safely on any kind of unusual building types, high facades or narrow gangways.
We have a minimal environmental impact

Our specialized ropes, techniques, and equipment allow finishing our job with the most minimal environmental impacts. London Professional Abseiling is keeping noise, exhaust fumes, and heavy machinery to a minimum to be sure that your clients and neighbours are happy. All the products that we use are eco-friendly.


A clean and spotless building is probably the most reliable business card.

Building Repairs & Maintenance

Regardless of what kind of problems could occur with the exterior of a building.


We are a specialized Contractor with remarkable results in painting and decorating residential and commercial building.